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UNIT Court is a court and justice management system that provides courts and justice agencies with a range of tools to support case management and document management. This includes recording events, processing documents, managing the court schedule, managing appeals, and case assignments.

Court is a cloud-based solution that provides courts with a unified case management and document management system which is accessible on any device, from any location. The system provides a number of benefits that include:

Remote access

Court users have access to the system from any location, on any device, at any time. This includes access to the Court application and the scanning application from any mobile device such as a tablet computer or smartphone.

Automatic capture

The system automatically captures all events, including filing, hearing, and appeal scheduling, in an accurate and timely manner, from any device or location.

Document management

The system allows for the automated capture of all documents, including dockets, decisions, and other documents generated by or sent to the Court. This includes the capture of documents from any device, location or application.

Court users have the ability to filter and search for documents, and can also create collections of documents. Users can also perform a word search on all documents to find any word or phrase in any document.

Full-text search

The system allows users to perform full-text searches of any document and all metadata associated with the document.

Electronic filing

The Court system allows for the electronic filing of documents.

Calendaring system

The system provides a comprehensive calendar system which can be shared with users. All users can see the same calendar, and can also create their own personal calendars.

Electronic Court Schedule

The system allows users to plan and manage their own case schedule. This includes the ability to add or remove cases from their own calendar, and to add or remove cases, hearings or conferences to the Court schedule.

The system also allows users to view all case schedule data, including events, hearings and appeals, configured for their user group.

Case assignment

An automated case assignment system allows the Court to manage case assignments. The system can be configured to automatically assign cases, or to allow case assignments to be made manually. The system also provides the ability to configure notifications to be sent to users when a case is assigned.

Case assignments can also be created on the open Court calendar, allowing for a seamless transition between the Court schedule and the case assignment system.

Case assignment notifications

The system allows the Court to configure notifications that are sent to users when a case is assigned to them.

Case assignment workflow

The system provides a case assignment workflow to assist with the processing of case assignments. Using the workflow, Court users can view case assignments and take the necessary action to process them.

Case assignment statistics

The system provides detailed case assignment statistics to assist with case management and the management of resources.

Case assignment templates

The system allows Court users to create their own case assignment templates.


The system provides support for the Court to manage the processing of appeals.

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