Fully featured Education Management System. Modern, Reliable, and Secure.
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Reliable & Secure
Cloud Scale, SLA, and more
for reliable systems. SSL, RBAC, and more for secure systems.
Easy to Use
Powerful and customizable
user interfaces that are easy to use
for any users.
APIs allow for integrations
with other systems and legacy data transfer.
Use Cases
View use cases for Education that fit
your needs here.

UNIT Education is a management application built for public schools. It provides administrators, teachers, and students with an easy-to-use interface for tracking attendance, grades, and other educational data.

Schools using UNIT Education benefit from a single source of information and increased efficiency.

UNIT Education tracks attendance, grades, and student information in a single, easily navigated interface. It is used by both teachers and administrators to manage student information, schedule events, and administer exams and assignments.

UNIT Education is built on the same enterprise-class platform as the UNIT mobile app. It provides a consistent experience and the same powerful data reporting capabilities.

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UNIT Education
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