Fully featured Housing Management System. Modern, Reliable, and Secure.
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Reliable & Secure
Cloud Scale, SLA, and more
for reliable systems. SSL, RBAC, and more for secure systems.
Easy to Use
Powerful and customizable
user interfaces that are easy to use
for any users.
APIs allow for integrations
with other systems and legacy data transfer.
Use Cases
View use cases for Housing that fit
your needs here.

UNIT Housing is a housing management system for government agencies built to improve reporting, management, and operations in housing facilities.

UNIT Housing was built to manage the complex daily operations of Federal, State, and Local government housing facilities. These housing facilities are often large and complex operations with hundreds of units.

UNIT Housing is built on a modern software platform which provides the most current technology available. Its architecture is built to adapt and grow as the housing industry changes, offering the most up-to-date solutions. This growing platform of applications helps government agencies recognize and implement new trends in housing management.

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UNIT Housing
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