Fully featured Inventory Management System to manage items, payments, reporting, and more across multiple agencies.
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Reliable & Secure
Cloud Scale, SLA, and more
for reliable systems. SSL, RBAC, and more for secure systems.
Easy to Use
Powerful and customizable
user interfaces that are easy to use
for any users.
APIs allow for integrations
with other systems and legacy data transfer.
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UNIT Inventory is a fully featured inventory management system for government agencies. It's designed for managing multiple warehouses and locations. The system is capable of supporting the needs of a small agency with a single warehouse to a large agency with multiple warehouses and hundreds of locations. The system is flexible enough to meet the needs of your agency.

Fully featured, no feature left out.

The system is highly flexible and easily configurable. The system is designed to allow an agency to customize the system to meet their needs.

Features include:

User roles and authority

Inventory location and warehouse management

Inventory item management

Inventory item cost

Inventory item location

Inventory item reorder point

Inventory item status

Inventory item movement

Physical inventory count

Inventory item BOM

Inventory item serial number

Inventory item receipt

Inventory item return

Inventory item adjustments

Inventory item item history

Inventory item serial number history

And much more

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UNIT Inventory
Modern and Reliable

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