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Jail Management

Unit Innovations offers the most comprehensive Jail Management System (JMS) software in the market today. UNIT JMS was designed specifically for correctional facilities with unique needs to quickly and efficiently assist staff and to keep a fully functional, secure, and accountable inmate management system. JAILFORCE has multiple modules available.

Customized to meet your facility and staff needs:

  • JMS Intuitive Dashboard—Facility Overview, Inmate Information, Historical Graphs, Population
  • Booking—Complete Inmate Detailed Information & Pictures with Fast Book-In Feature & Cell Check-In
  • Quick Inmate View Detailed Summary & Easy to use System Shortcuts with Visual Duration Time in Jail
  • Commissary Module with Fast Canteen Ordering, Inventory & Receipts, and Optional Inmate Tablets
  • Biometric Fingerprint Scanning (Integrated within JMS) Capture & Verify all Inmate prints
  • Incident History & Logs, Quick Search, Alerts, & Special Watch for High Risk Inmates
  • Complete Inmate Record Information, Quick Search, Pictures, Fast Housing Location and Verified Status
  • Security Alerts & Information and Internal Secure Public & Private Facility Staff Notes
  • Inmate Visitation & Jail Administration Visitors, Photo, Entry, Log, and Calendar History
  • Medical Module, Medication, Exam Calendar, Log, Suicide & Depression Screenings, Watch, & Alerts
  • Inmate Property, Photo, Log, Location, & Receipt & Inmate Grievances
  • Housing Location with History and Log of Moves, Transfers, Segregation, & Separation Alerts
  • Inmate Classification & Re-Classification, & Class Alerts for 6, 12, 17, 23, 72 hours, & 30, 60, 90 days
  • Multiple Inmate Booking Pictures with High Definition Camera
  • Inmate Trust Accounts, Full Accounting, Receipt of Deposits, Commissary and All Global Inmate Transaction Details & Adjustments
  • Dynamic Search for ALL Inmates and ALL Transactions, & Bond, Warrants, Arrest, & Court Appointments Information
  • Extensive Facility & Inmate Forms, Commissary, Medical, & Detention Center Reports & Billing
  • Interface with 3rd Party Inmate Telephone, Commissary Providers, Medical & County Information Systems
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