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Reliable & Secure
Cloud Scale, SLA, and more
for reliable systems. SSL, RBAC, and more for secure systems.
Easy to Use
Powerful and customizable
user interfaces that are easy to use
for any users.
APIs allow for integrations
with other systems and legacy data transfer.
Use Cases
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UNIT Licensing is a license management system for government agencies to improve business processes, application management, and reporting. The system makes it easy for agencies to manage and control their licensing and compliance obligations.

Agency licensing:

- Allows agencies to automate their license compliance processes

- Helps to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations

- Provides agencies with detailed reporting capabilities

- Improves agency budgeting and forecasting

- Improves business processes and controls

UNIT Licensing is built on open standards and is available for a wide variety of software, services and hardware.

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UNIT Licensing
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