Mobile Communications

UNIT Innovations provides a secure web-based system to immediately warn, alert, and contact staff with non-critical and critical notifications to any type of Apple, Android, handheld, tablet device, and PC, or MAC computer. We specialize in mobile and desktop technology with a platform that is dynamic for a specialized alert system to any device or computer. Our "UNIT Comm" system enhances internal communications among staff, it's a robust platform that goes beyond emails. A County Administrator or Manager will quickly and efficiently alert users, with any custom notifications and grab their attention. With our API's, plugins, and mobile application, UNITComm connects to your intranet to rapidly deploy all types of critical or non-critical types of alerts and messages; in real-time. Our database is encrypted to send messages for internal employees only. UNIT Comm provides a real-time fast database developed with todays software technology. Scrolling tickers, desktop and/or mobile alerts, GPS and location- based capabilities, messages, surveys, questionnaires, newsletters, groups, and critical urgent communications are just some features that UNITComm provides. You can even provide our mobile application to employees personal phones if needed.

Along with our UNITComm alert system, we can also provide a unique audio communication and voicemail system for Admins and Managers to communicate with any employee or groups of staff to any mobile or tablet devices in real-time and leave a critical or non-critical message to any user or groups of users or departments. This creative audio warning communication system will get the attention of any staff members by requiring an acknowledgment of message received.

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