UNIT Mobile is the most comprehensive Electronic Monitoring Cell Check & Rounds Guard Sensor System available on the market today.

Mobile Rounds/Cell Checks

UNIT Mobile is the most comprehensive Electronic Monitoring Cell Check & Rounds Guard Sensor System available on the market today. UNIT was designed specifically for both the private and public sectors, for correctional facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools, safety, manufacturing, retail, and security services with unique needs to quickly and efficiently assist staff, and to keep a fully functional, secure, and accountable electronic monitoring rounds system.

Replace easily copied and antiquated QR, barcode, or paper log systems with our affordable and proven UNIT EM Guard Rounds Workflow Sensor System built for the most critical operations. No need to use a pipe, wand, or even a docking device. Perform officer rounds with our device and microchip encrypted ID tags/sensors around your facility locations, at any area and keep track of everything with a customizable array of data logging with our easy to use locked down app. Our rugged handheld device is certified IP68 & Military Standard 810G protected.

UNIT Mobile meets your needs:

  • Secure, Reliable, & Scalable Web based platform using today’s proven fast software network technology
  • Platform with intuitive dashboard—Facility Overview with search & customizable Round Workflows & Sensors
  • Encrypted Microchip Based Technology with unique ID Tags/Sensors for each Location Checkpoint
  • Customize any Cell Checks & Rounds with any number of sensors using our Rugged Handheld Device
  • Multiple Rounds & Multi-use Sensors by Cells, Locations, Stamped & Timely Accurate w/Days, Times & Users
  • Next Workflow(s) & Checks due for every 10, 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 240, 360, etc... any minutes and any hour
  • Color Coded & Voice Audible Notification Alerts with detailed reports, & Notes/Incidents for all Scans
  • Show Workflow(s), (Housing Units/Rounds) that are Due Soon, Past Due and Need Immediate Attention
  • Create, manage, search, add, edit schedules, and monitor any or all type of Officer’s Cell Checks & Round Workflow(s)
  • Search & Reporting with logs to reduce County liability and maintain staff accountability for TCJS Critical or Non-Critical Workflows
  • Officer easily logs in on rugged device & locked down UNIT App & or any number of devices or tablets
  • Late/Missed Cell Check Rounds with Admin Email Alerts.
  • Optional any size HD screen to monitor alerts in Real-Time
  • Confirm Scans with Customized Audible Voice Alerts & Colors
  • Essential for Med Runs, Suicide Checks & Inmate Safety
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