Payments technology for government agencies to collect fees, manage money, and integrate into multitudes of systems.
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Reliable & Secure
Cloud Scale, SLA, and more
for reliable systems. SSL, RBAC, and more for secure systems.
Easy to Use
Powerful and customizable
user interfaces that are easy to use
for any users.
APIs allow for integrations
with other systems and legacy data transfer.
Use Cases
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UNIT Payments is a government payment portal for citizens to pay fees, deposit money, and more. It is used to pay for services and fees such as:

Water bills

Electricity bills

Property taxes

Vehicle licensing fees

Dog licensing fees

Traffic tickets

And more

The system is not just used for paying government fees. It also allows for money transfers between people through the portal. The platform is a secure one and is particularly useful in times of need as it enables the payment of a number of services in a quick and easy manner.

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UNIT Payments
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