Probation and Parole Management system to manage parolee information, reporting, and much more.
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UNIT ProParole is a probation and parole management system that was created to free probation officers from the time-consuming and tedious aspects of managing probationers.

ProParole was designed to simplify the process and decrease the amount of time probation officers spend on paperwork. It works on all platforms and is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS. Its design is based on the most advanced technology, and it offers a perfect and user-friendly experience.

In the parole and probation field, efficiency is the key to success. The key to efficiency is time management. With ProParole, the time that is usually dedicated to paperwork is now dedicated to probationers.

This means that the probation officers can fully focus on their main tasks and objectives, which are to help those in need. It is with this mind that ProParole was created.

ProParole is the most innovative, sophisticated, and complete probation management system. Its best features include:

Case management

Compliance tracking

Community notifications

Activity tracking

Supervision status


Reduction in paperwork


Time saving

Availability across all platforms and devices

Community access

Many more features

ProParole is a powerful tool that can be used in the field of probation and parole. It is a system that will help probation officers in their daily tasks and objectives. With ProParole, they can spend more time with their work and less time on paperwork.

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