Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is growing and evolving at a rapid pace and it is the future. UNIT Innovations provides both public and private sector customers with our numerous software platforms, such as "UNITComm" alert and warning emergency message system, UNIT Covid-19 Pandemic Data Management System (PDMS), sensor technology for safety location checks, and other AI systems. We provide a multitude of technology solutions with artificial intelligence and data analytics.

One of our products is real-time response support for policies, procedures and to solve support requests. Over 50% of IT help requests and questions are the same type of issues where employees need assistance for remote work support or offsite/onsite configurations. Our UNIT Chat system and Artificial Intelligence (AI) natural language application not only allows IT personnel to enter pre-answered questions to the most common situations, but our AI logic remembers, learns, and evolves with your staff and IT department. Our natural language algorithms used with UNITChat are easy to use and work naturally with little input from the customer. It helps assist IT staff be more efficient and streamlined while giving county employees instant access to an easy to use knowledge base accessible with natural language. If just 33% or more of help support questions are answered with UNITChat's AI application, the ROI and time saved by not using IT staff to answer questions will be a great benefit to the county.

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