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Manage COVID-19 Screenings, Data Management, and more.
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COVID-19 Corrections Screening, Monitoring, and Tracking

Coronavirus is an unexpected tragedy for all of us, multiple University studies indicate that inmates are 5 times more likely to get Covid-19. Our UNIT Health system is a platform to quickly and easily manage and analyze inmate data. A facility can also integrate their existing inmate management system information to our UNIT platform and handheld device. The entire process is automated, searchable, sortable, customized, exported, and time stamped by staff users for administrators, managers, or medical staff. If workflow tasks are not completed, any supervisors can even receive email alerts that tasks were not completed on time. UNIT not only helps you prevent, contain and mitigate Covid-19, it also helps reduce your liability by allowing you to gather and quickly access inmate data for potential coronavirus cases.

After approximately five 5 months of managing the COVID 19 Pandemic, the current method of relying on excel spreadsheets to manage the related data is labor intensive and creates many identified failures due to the sheer volume of information being managed and reported. The UNIT mobile technology devices streamlines how information is being collected and offers the ability to accomplish the following:

Make the data entries more automated

Make the data entries more streamlined

Make the data searchable

Make the data sortable

Make the data exportable

Make the data fields customizable

Allow data fields to scale according to pandemic changes Allow for administrative oversight

Technology & Use Cases:

Mobile Technology:

Each UNIT device can be set with all workflows for an entire facility or set to individual task groups for e.g. medical, booking, lobby, pods, holding cells, only etc... UNIT is a dynamic platform for any type of facility and configuration. Our UNIT platform allows you to configure your mobile handheld device or tablet with any time schedules, warnings, and alerts for any workflow tasks. Our devices streamline the entire process for Covid screening, IR non-contact thermometers, cleaning, maintenance, or any other required forms or customized process for your entire facility. Staff members can easily enter inmate information and check off required tasks when they are completed.

Our mobile devices are locked down for our UNIT application only to assist and hold staff accountable to complete their scheduled Covid tasks. Multiple devices can emulate each other and show "In Progress" when tasks are being done or a device can be independent for one area only. Each mobile device is rugged with MILSTD810G compliance and IP68 dust/water resistant specifications. Our devices even have wireless charging, staff members simply lay them on a stand- up dock to keep them charged when not in use.

Web Application and Reporting:

Our secure UNIT Health web portal is the centralized virtual command center for all administrators, managers, and medical staff. Our portal receives and maintains all data gathered by facility staff for Covid screening, prevention and monitoring. An administrator or manager can simply login to the portal and print out a workflow task report in under 60 seconds. Reports are quickly exported or downloaded for any staff user or multiple users, and filtered by date, time, workflows, forms, and inmates. Our support team, or your facility admins/managers, can easily customize your portal workflows to your devices and with our real-time database, the changes are made immediately. Gathering, maintaining, and analyzing coronavirus inmate data is critical in this unprecedented Covid-19 period, and UNIT Health will maintain it all for your facility.

Example Checklists and Reports:

Clean and disinfect booking area
Clean and disinfect male guard station
Clean and disinfect female guard station
Clean and disinfect control
Clean and disinfect intoxilyzer
Clean, disinfect, stock male guard restroom
Clean, disinfect, stock female guard restroom
Clean, disinfect, stock control restroom
Inspect cells for compliance
Empty all trash
Inspect trash cans to see if need cleaning Clean/disinfect all door knobs and handles in jail Clean/disinfect all door knobs and handles lobby area Check/refill hand sanitizers and soaps jail/front offices Spray all areas with disinfectant

Review and scan cleaning cart logs Review and scan Rec forms
Review and scan laundry logs Review and scan entrance logs Review and sign shift log books Update watch/symptoms list



Liability Reduction


Data Collection

Containment and Mitigation

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COVID-19 Corrections Screening, Monitoring, and Tracking
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