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Improve accountability, efficiency, reporting, and operations with UNIT Software and our encrypted location sensors.
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Encrypted Location Sensor Checks

In certain processes, ensuring staff are at a certain location is extremely important. Utilizing encrypted location sensors with the right software can ensure compliance, accountability, and efficiency.

UNIT Software provides encrypted location sensors to ensure supervision of staff within certain processes. Below are a few examples of how location sensors can be used.

A hospital may want to ensure that staff are in the right place at the right time. Staff are required to have an encrypted sensor on them to ensure that they are in the right place at the right time.

A casino is required to ensure that all of its staff are in a certain location during their shift. This includes servers and wait staff. The casino is required to monitor the location of staff in order to ensure compliance.

A mine may want to make sure that its miners are at their workstations in order to ensure efficiency and safety.

A correctional facility may want to ensure officers are checking the right cell or housing location.

In these scenarios, locations can be defined using the UNIT Software platform. A location sensor would then be required to ensure that staff are at the right location at the right time.

Not only can the UNIT Software platform provide a location sensor, it can also provide reporting and operations.

The UNIT Software platform can automatically sync with your current process and can send an alert to the right person if a staff member is not in the right location. The exact alert can be customized, and it can be sent to the supervisor, the staff member, or both.

With the UNIT Software platform, you can also generate reports on the location of staff. You can also generate reports on which staff members are in the right location more than others and which staff members are not in the right location at all.

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Encrypted Location Sensor Checks
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