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Ensure accurate tracking and monitoring compliance in your correctional facility.
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Inmate Tracking and Monitoring Compliance Operations

Tracking and monitoring inmates in a correctional facility can be improved greatly with the right technology. Inmates must be able to be tracked at all times, and their movements must be accounted for.

Inmate Counts and Activities

These programs will allow you and your staff to track and monitor all inmates, including the ability to track their counts and activities. You will also be able to see the locations and activities of inmates. Most of these programs allow staff to be notified when an inmate leaves their assigned areas.

Two-Way Radio Communication

Using a two-way radio system, inmates can be placed in an area where they can't use a phone, but can still be tracked. This allows the inmates to remain in their assigned areas and also move around freely as they need to.

Command Center

A command center allows you to be in a room with multiple screens and can see all inmates, and their movements, from this central location. This way, you aren't searching multiple screens or looking at multiple locations, you can see everything at once.

Corrections Equipment

All of the products listed above can be monitored and tracked from any computer, tablet, or smart phone. This allows you to be able to monitor the movements of your inmates without having to actually be in the same location as them.

Maintaining Compliance

The two most important aspects of running a correctional facility are safety and compliance. These products will help you maintain compliance in a correctional facility, and ensure that inmates are safe and accounted for.

These products can also help to reduce the amount of time it takes to track down an inmate, as well as the number of times an inmate leaves their assigned areas. All of this can be accomplished while maintaining a safe and secure correctional facility.

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Inmate Tracking and Monitoring Compliance Operations
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