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Meet Sandra Bland Act requirements in your correctional facility with UNIT Premises software and hardware technology.
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TCJS Sandra Bland Act Compliance Software & Technology

Rounds and Cell Checks are an important part of an officer's job in a correctional facility. These rounds are conducted for several reasons. Inmates may have an officer walk the tier to make sure there are no fires, that no one is fighting, and to check on inmates who seem to be in need of medical attention. The officer may also conduct a cell check when an inmate is being released, in order to make sure that inmate isn't taking anything with them when they leave. The Cell Check is performed to make sure that all personal property is removed, and that there is no contraband in the cell. If the officer sees anything that should not be there, the inmate is subject to facing disciplinary action.

A Cell Check is also performed for the safety of the officers. A Cell Check will alert the officer to any inmates that may be under the influence, or that have been doing drugs and who are now high. The Cell Check also alerts the officer to inmates who may be suicidal, or who may have just hurt someone else. Inmates who have recently been released from the hospital will be checked on often to ensure that they are not trying to hurt themselves.

It is a mandatory rule for an officer to conduct two cell checks and rounds every hour, and to conduct them in the same order each time. At a minimum, two cell checks and two rounds will be conducted each hour.

UNIT Premises is used by correctional facilities across the US to help officers doing their rounds and cell checks.

The UNIT Premises software is designed to help officers do their rounds and cell checks. It is used to help officers complete their checks in a timely manner, and to ensure that the rules regarding rounds and cell checks are being followed. The software is designed to make sure that officers are conducting their rounds in the correct order. UNIT Premises is also designed for the officer to quickly and easily complete their rounds. During the rounds, the officer is required to enter the name of their rounds in the software. This allows the officer to immediately see if they have missed a round, or if they have forgotten to check on a certain area. The software is also designed to track how often the officer does rounds. For example, if the officer is doing their rounds every hour and a half, the software will alert the officer that they have not done a round in an hour and a half.

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TCJS Sandra Bland Act Compliance Software & Technology
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