We are rebuilding government.

We provide technology solutions to governments to progress our largest institutions and society.

Our products

UNIT Innovations provides scalable solutions across governmental sectors. We also provide custom consulting and built solutions.

Facility Management

Premises provides facilities with audio communications, custom rounds, and inventory management all integrated.

Mobile Technology

All features are integrated on a secure mobile device.

Liability and Compliance

Ensure your facility is under compliance with standards and reduced of liability.

Correctional Management

JailForce is a corrections management platform for all the data you need.

Cloud Based

Our secure web based system ensures automated backups and a 99.99% uptime to ensure reliability.

Biometrics and More

Biometrics, commissary, and all the data management you will ever need.

Solutions and Consulting

UNIT Innovations is unrivaled in bringing the latest silicon valley technology to government.


Let UNIT bring our technology talent to help you solve the most pertinent governing problems of today.


Our team has decades of experience in government and can provide tailored research and consulting to your government.

Take a look at our podcast Rebuilding Government

Rebuilding government tells the stories of the people, technology, and missions redefining government. From politicians, government technology professionals, and more our goal is to highlight the reinvigoration of government.

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