UNIT Innovations. Powering government workloads and applications.

We work with agencies at
all levels of government.
Cost Effective
Our technology is lean and empowers high ROI returns on our products and services.
We leverage highly secure technology and partners for our clients.
We have delivered solutions to our clients for over 5 years all across the United States.
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UNIT Innovations Company
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UNIT Technology and Services

Secure, Reliable, & Beautifully Designed

Our products are built for security and reliability first. However, we believe user experience is important and our solutions are modern and advanced. See our products.

Cost Effective

Our processes enable us to deliver technology solutions at prices 3-10x less than competitors. We have saved our clients over 5m dollars. Read more on ROI.

Client First

We stand simply to please our clients and deliver solutions that ensure successful operations. Our team comes from Stanford, Non-Profit Executives, and Ex-Government. About Us

Technology Enabled

We leverage proprietary technology to power our ability to produce better products and services with less overhead. Read our White Paper to learn more on our process.

Versatile Use Cases

We work with local, state, and federal agencies to implement effective solutions in a variety of use cases. Read about our use cases.

Client Support

We support clients for years and have a track record of success.. Contact us if you have any questions or are interested in our solutions.

UNIT was the solution my staff needed for their rounds and logbooks. It's essential for us to report on this information.

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Modern and Reliable
Systems with high ROI

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